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Mobile - Marshalling yards
Desktop - Marshalling yards
din-Anlagentechnik - Praxisbeispiele - Illumination of track laying
din-Anlagentechnik - Praxisbeispiele - Rail base illumination
din-Anlagentechnik - Category - Illumination of track laying

Illumination of track laying

din-Anlagentechnik - Category - Rail base illumination

Rail base illumination

Additional lighting
for marshalling yards

Working in the danger zone of tracks.

To protect the shunting and maintenance personnel, we developed innovative lighting concepts for marshalling yards and track aisles. This means that obstacles, that lie in the shade of wagons are also adequately illuminated to ensure a safe work place and eliminate the risk of injury.

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Marshalling yards

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Marshalling areas in shunting stations/locations have numerous danger points in dark track aisles, obstructed by freight cars. Only innovative approaches in illumination can provide a solution here.